Sensuous Muse

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Jeff Wack

In the world of commercial art, Los Angeles-based photographer/illustrator Jeff Wack is a superstar.
Known for his imaginative and stunning visual style, Wack has created major works and ad campaigns
for a variety of mainstream clients, including Coca-Cola, Nokia, Budweiser, MGM, 20th Century Fox,
Universal Studios, Atari and Activision. But it is his latest project that really captured our attention.

The "Sensuous Muse" series blends the timeless theme of the idealized female figure with elements commonly found in nature.
The result is nothing short of breath-taking. But make no mistake, these erotic images are not porn. Instead, Wack's creations
present the softer side of sex: subtly focusing on the female form rather than raw, explicit sexuality.
Jeff Wack
The artist is very passionate about his creations.
" I allow the unmistakable beauty of the female form to inspire my works," Wack declares.
" Through the ages it has been a source of wonderment and intrigue for countless artists of all media.
My goal is to infuse each figure's world with a timeless sense of ethereal space and energy
that goes far beyond a mere model shot against a studio backdrop."

Wack combines conventional photography ( both from personal files and studio shoots ) and high-definition digital graphics.
He then alters the lighting and color while adding detailed effects to conceive a vivid, otherworldly image.
The end result leaves us speechless.

Jeff Wack



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Roger said :
December 23, 2009 at 12:19 PM
I don't know if writing heroic couplets or shouting like Howard Beale in the movie "Network" works any better than blogging my praise of and appreciation for Jeff Wack's talent. I know he gets a little shy about being compared with the best of the Italian Renaissance painters, but I've SEEN those paintings in person and I've seen Jeff's originals at his studio. Do the same and you'll know that my opinion has some foundation — these are masterworks by a gifted artist who's right at the height of his technical and narrative powers. I think these paintings are some of the best I've ever seen and strongly suggest wider distribution of them.
Michael said :
December 23, 2009 at 2:15 PM
Jeff truly does create beautiful art. His attention to the overall flow and expression, combined with an eye for fine detail, allows each piece to move through time and space with exquisite beauty. Unique concepts presented with a sense of artistic quality and soul . . . ‘Sensuous Muse’ is a visual version of a great record- ‘timeless’.

Michael Huey

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